Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wedding Preparation Eps 3

Not much done for my wedding except for PLANNING.
Lols pretty much worrying eyh?
As of today:

1) Photographer & his hospitality: DONE. Siap dapat diskaun lagi for his stay. Alhamdulillah.
2) Baju nikah: Siap of this month. Moga semuanya smooth.
3) Kad jemputan: Siap next week. Tunggu ya rakan2, I will distribute accordingly.
4) Pengapit: Ambil cousin sendiri je haha.
5) HIV Test and all the forms: DONE.
6) Pelamin: Identified.
7) Hiasan meja makan pengantin: Identified
8) Design for bridal room: DONE. Cuma nak tunggu beli barang2 macam bedsheet, curtains, rug, mirror and table lamp. Oh oh I tak reti sgt interior design ni. Huehue.

Cincin for him belum beli.
Kasut nikah (Tiffany blue) belum jumpa.

Oh oh headache dan tak gemar sgt writing about this.


On the other hand, life is pretty much normal. Works are fine.
Last week, for the first time ever I approached my boss and asked for a transfer to tanah melayu.
As I expected, boss suruh tunggu until my service with Petronas becomes 4 years which will be this Sept.
I ada juga risik2 position di Petronas tempat lain, jumpa juga positions tapi not as same as what I'm doing now.
But still an engineer position. I just love the location.
Tapi ya la, not that easy to get release from boss here:((

Whatever la kan..
Next, I tunggu my fiance survey baju wedding kami.
Surprisingly, he is kinda cerewet juga.

I will write more.

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