Monday, July 16, 2012

We Live With Memories

I promised you readers that I will post happy tunes but life gets harder these days. The same case happened and I guess not lucky enough in relationships. Yes it hurts so bad that I cried three times yesterday. It's sad to know that all this while I've been living with disapproval and uncertainties. Also, I have been waiting for miracles to happen. No, no miracles and nothing is new. He blamed me for being impatient and emotional but he might have forgotten that this woman was waiting so patiently and kept holding on to the long distance despite the disapproval. This time I cant take it anymore. Let it be, let it end so that I can move on. Im just not a favourite, well that pains me. I called it off and I pray for a strength for this. This pain i cant bear anymore. You're the guy I have loved and I will cherish the memories we had. At least all those are worth remembering. If I miss you, I still keep our things. I might cry for days but that's it. You take care.  If we're meant to be, I accept it as my jodoh but I'm not gona try to make things work.


Andika said...

insan semanis kamu, apakah ada jua yang bisa melukakan hatinya?

daisy.allie said...

hang in there darling. im sure HE has a better plan for you.

i understand ur situation.. sabar ok.. let it go~

Z said...

thanks both..Im ok here:)