Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh Dear!

homaigod homaigod. (nada sedikit gedik).
Life has been a little bit unwell, mainly work-related.
Shutdown. Shutdown.
Yesterday, pecah rekod ever, I worked for 15 hrs! Gila ok, hari ni dengan jayanya saya bergegas pulang awal sekitar jam 730pm.
Makanya terus ke kedai beli barang-barang peribadi sambil menikmati angin malam Bintulu.
Hello world, well in case you have been missing me.
Apart from work, I dont have much to say as I haven't seen my friends for quite long now.
Ish ish ish no more chit chatting and lepak time.
But I would like to share with you some pixels I took during my day out with family last 2 weeks

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daisy.allie said...

u lost weight keee???