Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wedding Prep Eps 4

Hai friends..
I start to feel nervous now.
Tried my reception tudung and not really happy with it *suddenly pula, masa beli suka pula. lols*.
Mr. Fiance is busy, he is working on Sunday. *note that we have different weekend now*.
Me? Just finished placing ribbons on my wedding cards. Some cards are posted to friends.
Next, tried my wedding shoes, 2 inch and Im not really into heels T_T.
Apa lagi? Tried to google how to DIY bunga tangan for nikah. Thinking of having red roses for my nikah bunga tangan.
Next? Just confirmed with my mak andam. I want her to do my make up for all events-Nikah, Sanding and bertandang. I dont think I would be able to hold an eyeliner pun masa tu. *haha exaggerate to show how nervous I would be*.
I stress fikir sume2 ni, nak mengadu kat tunang, dia kerja.
Hence I'm writing this.

Wish me luck.
Plus, I need to practise to be a wife now.

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