Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Phase of Life

I have been living a single life independently for the past 7 years (since my college years, university-UK, Bintulu) and married life has become a total change for me.
Yes, I'm married to a very nice man, the one I have known for 4 years now.
Alhamdulillah, I'm really thankful for what Allah has given me.

The Akad Nikah ceremony went smooth and to me it was rather quick and simple hehe.
Additionally, we performed solat sunat nikah and he placed his hand on my 'ubun-ubun' and recited some prayers.
At that moment, I felt relieved and safe. No tears rolled down on cheek because I was really happy.

I remember the only time I cried was when spending the first night at my in law's house.
Sad to see my families leaving and I need to adapt with my new life, new families too:).

But it was all good, new families are big and they are all friendly. Hehe.

Personally, getting married is a very positive change for me as I have a lifetime partner now.
He leads me to get closer to Allah and keeps remind me to be a good muslimah and wife.

Its just that sometimes I think I need more time to adapt with the new status. hehe

May our marriage is blessed by Allah, may this marriage be a platform for us to be better.


Pray for us ya.

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