Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chemical Pregnancy

Last weekend was awesome despite a not-so-good news I received.
Hubby came over and we had so much fun. Benarlah org kata, pergi lah mana pun mesti seronok asalkan bersama dengan orang kita sayang. Allah dah atur kehidupan kita sebaik yg mungkin. Perfect timing. Never too early, never too late.
We'll be on that later.

I had a +ve upt last week but turned -ve a few days later.
Aneh, excitement saya hanya untuk sekejap. Hehe sape tak excited kan bila dapat UPT +ve although it was only a faint line.
Later, after I got a -ve upt result I had a 3 days heavy tummy cramp. Yes, miss P was delayed too.  Memang sakit teramat tummy cramp tu, nearly cried.

Kebetulan hubby datang last weekend and we went to see gynea together.
She said I had a chemical pregnancy.

Imagine getting a positive pregnancy test only to start your period a few days later. Chemical pregnancies are unfortunately common and extremely heartbreaking, yet so little is understood about them. The two most basic things to understand about chemical pregnancy is that it was a real pregnancy, and it is a real miscarriage.
A chemical pregnancy should really be called an early miscarriage. The term “chemical pregnancy” implies that the pregnancy wasn’t real or that it was some kind of mix-up.

Now I know kenapa perut sangat sakit sejurus lepas dapat -ve upt.
It was a chemical pergnancy, this is really new to me. It means that the ovum and the sperm met but tak sempat jadi fetus. :)
Allah knows best. Rezeki saya belum tiba.
Allah hantar husband untuk teman saya last weekend, sgt indah rasanya. First time jumpa gynea, husband terpinga tengok perut saya di scan, husband dah pesan jangan buat vaginal scan. Haha ok syg. Saya pun belum ready. Haha.
Then excited je tgk gambar rahim saya walaupun takde pun baby dalam tu:).
It was great. Sayang husband sgt2.
He was really sweet. 
I still remember before we went to bed, he hugged me tightly and said to me;
" Maafkan abang atas segala salah abang, atas segala ketidaksempurnaan abang"
He made me smile. Jarang husband buat ayat touching macam tu. To me, he's the perfect man for me.
I love him mucho.

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honey bedazzled said...

its okay z... enjoy ur 2 time together first okay. jgn rush rush. be happy. if u stress n terlalu nak sangat susah. baik serah pada allah bila sampai rezeki adalah.. as for me i didnt think of it 3 months after kahwin i pregnant