Sunday, December 8, 2013

24 Weeks

Salam all.. It has been about 18 weeks since I last wrote anything here. Sekarang pregnancy dah 24 minggu Alhamdulillah..
Life is good and last month hubby and I went to Qatar for our honeymoon. Hehe kidding.. Actually I had a conference there with my boss but boss suggested me to bring along hubby as I'm pregnant and might need more attention. Thank you bosses sebab memahami. The trip was awesome, memang seronok first time ke luar negara dengan suami.
Next, my appetite increases and me keeps eating. Last month berat naik 5kg in just a month and doc suruh control makan takut diri ini gemuk sgt serta baby besar sgt. Hahahaha.

Ok, will write more ya.
Love, Z

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