Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reasons For Happiness and Calm :)

Happy weekend everyone!
They say, happiness is a choice right?
Despite how crazy your life turns out to be, you still can be happy.
First, just by looking at this two cuddlies:) Ok, I love bubbly, chubby and fat babies. he he he.

 Kakak, kan aunty dah cakap jangan buli adik

The second reason for happiness and calm goes to..
Doing chores.
With full of enthusiasm, I started it with wiping out all dusts and continued with sweeping the floor.
Next, mopped the floor. Satu rumah aku mop, ha puas hati ok.
Although I have allergy to dust, tapi layankan saje lah.
After dealing with dust, selalunya muka gatal and kulit dah merah-merah.

Third, photography.
Lepas kemas bilik pun still boleh godek-godek camera and switched the lense to 35mm and snap! snap!
Ini lah 'harta' saya yang akan habis juga nanti. Hehe.

A little explanation on the products I consume:
Facial products (1, 2, 3, 4 )
I prefer clinique as it is safe, fragrance free, soft and supple my skin so well.
1 is the clarifying lotion or senang cakap it's a toner.
2 is the moisture cream for combination skin type like me:).
3 is the 'all about eyes gel'.
4 is the moisture surge, extended thirst relief. I use is it to apply moist to skin at anytime I wish to. It means that, kamu boleh apply gel itu on top of your compact powder and make up. No harm:)

Next is the perfumes. (5, 6, 7, 8)
5: Britney Radiance. Sweet, with feminine blend of red berries, delicate flower petals and soft musk,
6: JLo Miami Glow. Sweet super bau dia. Kadang-kadang tak gemar sangat.
7: Paris Hilton Heiress. Bau macam fruits and bubble gum:)
8: Tommy Hilfiger. My favourite perfume since sekolah menengah:).

Eyes: (9, 10)
Saya kurang gemar pakai eyeshadow except for some special events, occasionally.
Itu pun saya hanya gemar earth colours saja. Black, white and chocolate for smokey eyes, and maroon.
I won't go for striking colours macam hijau terang, bright pink, biru etc. Semua tu akan nampak aneh di muka saya :P
Other than eyeshadow, saya suka guna eyeliner. Gel type, senang:)
9:  My maroon Lancome eyeshadow. Super like it.
10: My Maybelline gel eyeliner. Also, super like it as it's easy to apply and easy to remove. No smudge.

Body care and Make up Removal: (11, 12, 13)
For make up removal, I prefer baby oil saja. Serius senang, save juga ok.
Untuk supple body skin as well as mencantikkan kulit I prefer Body Shop body butter and bio-oil. :)
Not in the picture: Clinique Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser. 

Extra Care: (14, 15).
On my face, if anything I spot on, contohnya jerawat sesat atau jerawat PMS, cepat-cepat lah apply Dalacin T (15).
For day time outing, mari protect kulit dengan Clinique sunblock SPF 50 with advanced skin protection UVA & UVB (16)

Ok all, it's lunch time:)


daisy.allie said...

how i wish i also have those kind of items..
malangnye saya tak reti make up..
untung sentiasa dpt boyfie yg relax n tak kesah ;p
*eh jappp... saya single sekarang ;p*

Z said...

hehe me oso tak reti make up..only basic eye liner saje yg sy suke.
aik, singleeeee? hehehe
story2 :P