Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pretty Qatar, The Delicate Rejection

I used to bump into/talk/say hi to this one guy at my work place.
Everytime he sees me, he will smile and greet me.
"Hye..pretty girl"..
Or sometimes he said that I'm sweet.
Mulut manis, presumably.

After months, he's not there anymore.
Until one day he pm-ed me on fb.
Everytime he said hi, I was not in front of my laptop, hence the negligence.
He thought that I purposely ignored him
Left the company for about a month now, he currently works in Qatar.

Being a normal friend, I said sorry was up to something.
He said :
"I miss the company, especially you"

Not to make it obvious, after a few words, I went:
"Im sorry, I gtg actually."

I hope it was not that obvious, at least for that night. Temporarily.
Will write more, hugs, kisses.

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