Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Integrated Phone, 4th Generation

"I miss those days where Apples and Berries were just fruits.."

Oh yes, good morning people. Have you heard, have you heard that I've got myself an iPhone 4? More excitingly, it's on Celcom Plan ok, not Maxis, not Digi! Har har har..The excitement is still there though.
Recently Celcom has launched its iPhone 4 package which I think is way better than Maxis and Digi. I heard about this iPhone 4 Celcom package a few weeks ago, semangat ok siap study on the package, browsed through the website, called Celcom to ask the further details, etc. Ha ha ha so semangat Waja.
With RM98 per month, you will get 6 thousand minutes to celcom numbers, 100 minutes to off-net, 200 SMS to all numbers, 20 MMS, 2G Internet Data. *Eh sounds like a Celcom promoter* The price for a 32GB iPhone 4 is RM 1448, 16GB phone is RM 1148 only. What a bargain huh!. Grabbed a 32GB phone, I smiled ear to ear the whole day.
The day Celcom launched its iPhone 4 package in Bintulu, I went to the Celcom Branch right after the store opens, as early as 9 am!. As expected, I was in a long Q, after done with the registration and all, I finally got my own at about 12 noon. Ah, worth waiting..:) The first night I had my new gadget, I did not dare to put it beside me while sleeping, takut jatuh! Ha ha ha..Punya lah jaga..:P Now it gets better, I become so careful in order to take care of my new baby:p

So yeah, with the affordable price of iPhone 4, immediately spread the news to all friends. Ha ha ha seriously Celcom needs to pay me for this:P. They got influenced by that though, woahlla!
Ok, done with iPhone 4.
Wesak Day today, please don't go to work ya. Had a small dinner at Pizza Hut last night, today planned for a small breakfast too.
Will update more.

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