Friday, June 10, 2011

Between Tears and Anger

I can see a connection between tears and madness; or anger.
In most cases, when we get mad, we become angry. We let go everything, we take a deep breath, we yell sometimes and finally, the worst case is we burst into tears. For me, personally, the moment I cry is the moment I know I'm at my weakest point. Tears come together with shiver. That's when I need someone to comfort me. Wish someone would whisper this to my ears; "Hush..hush..don't you cry..everything will be ok..Nothing much to worry about.."

You know, whenever I feel so down, I tend to blame Bintulu. Silly but true. Bintulu Factor they might call it.
But hey, Bintulu is actually a nice place. If only it is near to my family. IF ONLY.

Ok lah, stop emo emo pasal Bintulu. Let's check out what are the sources of depression of the day/week.

  1. Today I know I cannot finish my work, felt so depressed and next week I'll be presenting that work. Clueless, mesti kena tembak kaw-kaw punya time present. Esok try pergi office. Tak suka sangat kerja time weekend. Alahan ok!. (Alahan ciptaan sendiri. Muahaha..Ok, sedang stress kan, boleh lagi ketawa macam ni.)
  2. I have my old simcard. But now dah misplaced, I couldn't recall where I put it. Die die la like this. :( All important numbers are there. Sigh, cuai buaian sungguh.
  3. Bila kawan-kawan balik semenanjung, saya rasa jealous. Nak balik juga sebenarnya. This time, I want to go shopping sampai barang kat mall habis! haha. Ok, takdela sangat kan. Tapi nak lepas geram dah brapa bulan tak shopping kaw-kaw punya. :p
eh, not much pun.
Others? Ok saja. Tonight I'll be alone at home. Housemate Mel is chilling out with her Shell friends.
Sunyi nya la haih......

Bye all.

Will write more, hugs, kisses.

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