Sunday, September 18, 2011

Terlalu Ingin

Pada suatu hari di Facebook, Si A has just changed her status to "engaged".
Si A, from what I knew, is the girlfriend of Si B (my friend).
They both are in my facebook.
With full of surprise, I waited for B to change his status too. I assumed that they were engaged to each other.
A few days later, A put "engaged to C (not that I know of)". Siapa kah C itu?
Have no idea though.
Honestly, I was hoping that the guy was B, my friend.
They have been together for quite some time.
Last month I had a small chat with B, with regards to A. Asked him how are they doing, etc.
But this month, I received this surprise, but then again I congratulated A.
With guts in me, I privately messaged her.
"Congrats A, but thought it'd be with B." <--I hope I did not go too much by saying this.
She replied, ini yang buat hati aku tersentuh sangat, honestly.
"Terlalu ingin Z, terlalu ingin."

I hope A will find her happiness with her new life.
Same goes to B.

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