Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Work: The Love-Hate Relationship

You know, I don't really like writing about my working life. It's no fancy like what other women are doing.
Takpe, bila saya stress sgt pasal kerja, saya fikir saya ni kene bersyukur.
Ituuuu saja my motivation, other than money la kot.
Of course I need the money.
Hehe. Tapi jangan lupa konsep bersyukur tu.
Ok, back on track.
This is rather a good news for me.
Last year 2012 I received a very good Personal Performance Appraisal rating.
I'm really really happy for it, Alhamdulillah.

Thanks bosses for trusting me.
And for all yang belum tahu, my workplace is in Bintulu, Sarawak.
Far far away land from home, I know.

Hence, I missed a lot of things.
Friends events, some catch ups, meetings, hatta nak pilih baju pengantin pun Mr. Fiance terpaksa tolong.
Dengan bantuan kakak iparku. hehe Thanks kakak:).

Ok, back to working life.
This year, insyaAllah I will do better and keep the momentum to strive for the best.
I think the satisfaction at workplace is my boss' trust.
And of course good results/whenever I solve problems.

See, takde yang fancy about my work. Huehue.
Oklah, dah 3 entri ni.
I will write more love.

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