Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wedding Preparation Eps 2: The Ring and Hantaran

When I first saw this ring, I fell in love.
Until now:)

Next, I went shopping today. The whole Sunday spent with shopping and ring resizing. Yes, ring yang I beli tu longgar. Haha since masa beli tu size takde, I insist nak design tu jugak, then I went for resizing je. Settle. I know people offered me ring guard and told me that after kawen jari akan besar and all.
I know dearies. Tapi I tak gemar ring guard tu sume, rimas dan risau akan damage/scratch my ring. Resizing your wedding ring is actually a motivation not to gain weight in the future:p

Ok, below is the hasil tangkapan untuk hari ini. 3 handbags- 1) For mommy 2) Sister 3) Own hantaran 
Simple je, I love all of them. Alhamdulillah Singapore sedang sale. 

Until I see you again,

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