Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Room, A Hotel Room

I'm not sure this is due to 'Bintulu factor' or not but I have plenty of time thinking about myself, including my room.
Since early 2012, I have been thinking of how to turn my room into something more homey.
I started to change my curtain and bought new set of bedsheets.
Bought room spray from Body Shop too. Table lamp is for more dimmed lighting and romantic mode. *Eleh sorang-sorang pun nak romantic mode haha*. Best apa, nak tidur pun senang:)
Next, I got myself an LCD TV, FULL HD ok. Haha. I bought it somewhere in February this year, around chinese new year.
LG brand, cost me around RM999. Ada sale, okla la kan although he was strongly disagree and cakap I wasted my money. Haha.
Next, I beli aircond pulak sebab I couldnt stand the rising temperature somewhere in June-July. Konon-konon summer season lah kan, tableybelah.
Yelah mengada kan tak tahan panas but seriously tak tahan until I couldnt sleep. Nak tidur siang on weekends pn tak senang:P

Bila ada TV tapi takde astro pun tak complete kan. Finally I installed astro pula, complete dah I rasa.

Alhamdulillah I love my room. :) Rasa macam hote mini gitu. Heuehuehue.

On the other hand, I love my Sunday tapi sayang Ahadku makin habis.
Woke up as early as 6am, performed subuh and no more sleep. Irite mmediately went out searched for breakfast and got myself nasi lemak, pisang goreng panas and made a cup of hot milo.
What a morning:).

Then off to office settlekan kerja sikit for tomorrow's discussion with my boss.
Next went to the mall, beli barang sikit and balik rumah.

Watched tv sepanjang petang and fell asleep, bangun-bangun terus mandi and here I am, fresh and wangi. Haha I like ..:)

Ok people, I will write more.
Love, Z

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