Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You Know, This Is Life

You see, life is all about ups and downs. Recently I'm pretty much worried and occupied with work.
At the same time also need to think about my risik and nikah day.
Macam tak percaya, but his parents are on their way to have a discussion with the family members for a bertandang to my house.
Mostly to discuss about our nikah day which I tentatively put it in December 2012. Exact date? Not confirmed yet.

I started to have the panic attack. I surveyed the nikah dresses, what to wear, how much to spend, which photographer, make up nak yg camner, semua I tak boleh nak properly arrange in mind.
Luckily we both already had our checklist for the budget.

Bintulu memang takde choice langsung I tell you, baju tak cantik, mahal and limited of choice.
Makanya terpaksa lah I balik malaya nak pilih baju ke ape?
I berangan nak order kain dari India for its crepe and chiffon, tapi tak tahu lah sempat ke tak nak order kat kawan I tu.

Anyways, speaking of work life, I just had my HORROR TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT.
It was dramatic I should say and I didn't do well, I did just average.
Sigh macam mana nak naik pangkat secara pantas ni?

Takpe I try harder next year.

Nanti I write more ok. Lately susah nak log in to blogspot as I forgot my blogspot email (harr harr harr),..:P

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daisy.allie said...

yeay!!! excited nye.. :)